Why did Ed Litton’s church suddenly change its doctrinal statement?

On the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting Wednesday, one messenger asked Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a very interesting and important question:

“Does Southern Seminary teach that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are parts of God? .. because when I went on (newly elected SBC president) Ed Litton’s website for his church, that is in the first paragraph on the doctrine of God. And he got two degrees from Southern Seminary.”

Mohler, who came in third in the bid for the SBC presidency, first replied, “I cannot speak to my brother, the newly elected, soon-to-be president of the Southern Baptist Convention, but Southern Seminary cannot claim (Litton) as an alumnus,” then added, “I’m absolutely certain he’s faithful.” Seconds later, Mohler corrected himself, saying that Litton “is a doctoral graduate of Southern Seminary. I still stand by my statement. I’m sure he’ll want to make that very clear. I am not sure what’s on his statement. I’m sure he’s faithful.”

Immediately, I went to the website of Redemption Church, where Ed Litton serves as senior pastor. Sure enough, under its “Our Beliefs” section, the church posted — under what it believes about God — that the three persons of the Godhead “are co-equal parts of one God.” But don’t look for it there now, because shortly after I grabbed the screenshot, that statement was removed from the church website altogether. Curiously, the Wayback Machine also managed to capture a shot of the original today, complete with the date on top. See the difference below. Same day, different statement on the Trinity.

Looks like the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention has some explaining to do.

Does Litton’s church embrace the heresy of Partialism … or not? And if not, why the quick change? (Did they really think no one would notice, after a messenger outed the statement before thousands of people?)

The SBC Woke Elites have been reassuring Southern Baptists for the past several years that — oh, yes, indeedy-doody — they believe in inerrancy. Now might be a good time for the SBC sheep to put that claim to the test.