Discussing Ed Litton’s Plagiarism Makes Me a ‘Downright Mean Christian’ Doing ‘The Work of the Devil’

Today, we received a copy of an anonymous email that was sent to one of our great Janet Mefferd Today radio affiliates. According to this unknown writer, it is “downright mean” to present irrefutable evidence that Southern Baptist Convention president Ed Litton committed plagiarism — something that Litton has admitted to doing — and say that he has a biblical duty to resign.

This comes on the heels of my request this week for an interview with Litton. He declined (naturally), and his stated excuses, through an SBC media representative, were that he was “getting ready to go out of town and, before that, his focus is on the task force that the messengers requested he form.”

We don’t yet know how many of these emails went out, or to whom, since my latest show on the Litton controversy and the widespread cratering of Christian ethics is airing today. You can listen to it HERE, if you missed the broadcast. But if my experience addressing past church controversies is any indication (particularly my 2013 interview with plagiarist Mark Driscoll), it’s entirely possible that this station isn’t the only one getting these kinds of emails.

Given the declining state of the SBC, I thought it would be valuable to release this email publicly (with identifying information omitted) so readers can see the kinds of intimidation tactics that often emerge behind the scenes when the truth about a church leader’s compromised character is exposed. And why is it that this anonymous writer can’t name one example of anything I’ve actually reported on Ed Litton (or anything that either Reformation Charlotte or Capstone Report has reported on Litton) that is demonstrably false?

You can read the email below and judge for yourself. And thank you to the wonderful station manager who received this email and will continue to air Janet Mefferd Today. We are very grateful to the Lord for you and all the other Christian radio stations who support our commitment to biblical truth and Christian ethics.


I am writing you today because of one of your show hosts is of concern to me.

I am sure this isn’t the first message you’ve received about Janet Mefferd. Her approach to topics and individuals, such as this week’s show about pastor Ed Litton, who is now the president of the SBC denomination, is downright mean and full of skeptical cynicism and conspiracy theory-level speculation about his motives, decades of faithful ministry and even his personal discussions with God. Her self-assurance and speculation in this particular episode is unbecoming of an ambassador of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

She regularly cites conspiracy theory sites (and proven liars) such as Reformation Charlotte and Capstone Report as facts, yet attacks leaders and pastors with no shred of evidence for her bombastic and baseless opinions.

Real journalists verify facts with proven sources, and real Christians are people of the Truth, not those who spread half-truths (which are half-lies, which are lies.) Lies and accusations are the work of the Devil and not tools of disciples of the Father of the Truth, which is Jesus Christ.

Please don’t support mean Christians. The world will know us as disciples of Jesus by our love for one another not the trademark style of Janet Mefferd.